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Sugarflair  - Spectral Range - Pro quality food colouring paste - 25g pots in 37 beautifully gradable shades.

Perfect for a huge range of sugarcrafting & baking projects from buttercream & sugarpaste to fondant & marzipan. Also ideal for Mexican paste, flower paste, gum paste and even cake batters, making the possibilities simply endless!


From subtle pastels to deep, vibrant shades, this extensive range of professional quality, high-grade food colouring pastes is designed to produce beautifully gradable colours without changing the texture of your ingredients.


These are specifically designed to prevent your fondants and pastes becoming oily and your buttercreams and batters from losing their consistency, ensuring ease of use and professional colouring results at home.


These 25g pots are incredibly economical with a tiny amount going a surprisingly long way.  This. combined with 2 -  5 year sell by dates means you'll have plenty on hand to enjoy creating new projects and exploring the wide range of shades you can achieve, for a long time to come.


Did you know that Sugarflair pastes can also be used for hand painting your edible creations?  All it takes is a small amount of vodka or rejuvenator liquid to create your very own paint palette.  Can be used to paint everything from buttercream to fondant so paintbrushes at the ready & let your imagination do the rest!



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