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Super Simple Buttercream Hydrangeas

If you're new to the wonderful world of buttercream floristry, or would just like to rustle up something beautiful in a hurry then these bright and simple bloom make the perfect choice.

Ultra quick & easy (and ohhhhh so deliciously satisfying to pipe,) these are high on my list of 'go-to' flowers to make with children, newbies and for creating really effective filler flowers in bouquets.

That said, they are also worthy of a place of their own as the centrepiece of any table, especially when you put together a nice selection of complementary shades

It's the simply the use of a stripped bag colouring technique that gives that wonderful multitonal effect and it really couldn't be easier to achieve; 1 part tinted buttercream, 2 parts untinted buttercream and a 2D tip and you're good to go! (& a piping bag too of course or you'll find yourself in a right old mess ;-)

As these are piped straight onto the cupcakes themselves, there's no waiting time for your blooms to chill in the fridge before arranging them and because they cover the whole surface of the cake, there is no need to pre-ice your cakes with a base coat of buttercream either; it really is just fill, pipe & go!

So I hope you enjoy sharing these little darlings with your nearest & dearest and if you have any questions, i'd love to help.

Have fun!

With love.

The Sugarcraft Contessa xxx

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