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Beautiful Autumn Bramble Cupcakes

This week, I decided to celebrate the first day of autumn with something a little special.

I absolutely love these cupcakes as they remind me of blackberry picking with my Nanna as a child (& they taste creamy, chocolaty & generally gorgeous too!)

The super glossy buttercream is so simple to make and, to me at least, is reminiscent of that rich creamy taste of Cornish ice cream! It's a cold milk buttercream & i'll be posting a recipe up here very soon for you to try for yourselves.

Crushed Oreos make for a delicious chocolate 'soil' and add a realistic feel to these, which i think is very effective and couldn't be more simple to make.

The berries too are super simple and make a great addition to Christmas, as well as autumn buttercream creations.

Next time, I think i'll add a blackberry and apple or rasperry jam centre for an extra special surprise.


With love.

The Sugarcraft Contessa

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