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Low calorie/ Low Syn Healthy Carrot Cakes

Happy New Year everyone & welcome to first my slim, trim Sugar-free tutorial this January.

Carrot cake & cream cheese frosting for a meagre 105 calories & just 0.5 syns on Slimming World! Yep! You could knock me down with a feather if I hadn’t eaten so much this Christmas!

For those of you who don’t do ‘Fat Club’ as it’s affectionately known in our house, the cakes themselves have zero added sugar, are low GI & low in fat & are also high in fibre, along with being rather tasty, the rest of this sentence considered ;-)

In fact, the only ‘naughty’ bit is 1 square of dark chocolate, (20 cals/ 2 syns shared between 4 cakes) and just think of it as the flavonoids being good for you. (Chocolate as a health food; Fabulous! )

This is also a great recipe for adding to and you could always pop in some chopped nuts, dried fruit etc if you fancy increasing the healthy fat content or just for taste.

Be fully aware though that this icing is not buttercream!!! It will not behave like buttercream and must be VERY cold to even think about piping your carrots.

Also, be sure to use a paste colourant as the liquid varieties will make your icing far too soft to work with. I used Sugarflair Apricot and Dark Brown, both available right here, along with over 70 beautiful shades.

Unbelievably, you can happily scoff 4 of these little darlings guilt free if you use your healthy extra A & B choice on the Slimming World Extra Easy plan, just adding 0.5 syns per cake for the chocolate sprinkles (Optional, of course) Beats the hell out of a bowl of Weetabix in my humble opinion! See what you think

This is the first of my Sugarfree Contessa bakes for this year and if you have any great recipes in your dieter’s utility belt then I’m sure we’d all love to hear/ see them!

In the meantime, hope those New Year’s resolutions are going well and looking forward to sharing something tasty, fun and a little bit healthy with you all next week.

With Love,

The Sugarfree Contessa ;-) xxx

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